Tuesday, June 5, 2012

L--Ann Ready for orders for only:
- L--Ann Butterscotch Mixed Nuts Cookies
- L--Ann Dark Brownies

Please note they are to be self collection at L--Ann Home Address and all orders can be made via email: seetlouann@hotmail.com or 91889386.

Please note:
L--Ann Cookies are only sold in Boxes(250g approximately 58 cookies)
For the First Box of L--Ann Cookies: $15
Every Additional Box Thereafter: $12

L--Ann Brownies are sold in Slices( Minimum 12) or 1 Brownie Cake (16 Slices).

L--Ann apologise that we no longer bake to sell other baked goods due to focused aim on the sale of L--Ann Butterscotch Mixed Nuts Cookies and L--Ann Dark Chocolate Brownies!

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